The Healthy Fun-Cushion


 designed for children

in kindergarten

and primary school age


The world´s first
seat cushion and fun toy in one product:

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The health benefits of Air8kidisit

Kidisit can playfully support sitting with an upright pelvis

Thus, it can help to reduce the so-called W-sitting position, which is unfavourable to children and can cause orthopaedic problems.

Since during sitting the bottom of the child is higher than without cushion, the structures around the skeletal bones are not overstretched and pushed flat. This reduces the pressure on developing joints, such as hips or knees, as well as pressure and deformation of lower back structures.

With Air8kidisit the child has many options to sit

Frequent changing of the sitting positions is very good for the anatomically correct development of children.

inflatable - washable - hygienic - non-slip

Because: Kidisit is FUN! FUN!! FUN!!!

A colourful MULTI-FUNCTIONAL product that can be anything your fantasy allows to be...

... a floor



... a practical, light and airy seat, that can quickly be put anywhere and helps to support and elevate the pelvis of child

...two nested cushions put inside each other provide a straight and comfortable surface, a kind of air-stool, perfect for kids and parents at the same time 

... a stool

... a table

... as a small pad for toys, books or snacks, easy to handle anytime and anywhere

... a book holder

... keeps every book - no matter what size - always in the right angle,
to relieve small children's hands

... comfortable pad for relaxed head posture during short breaks or while reading

... a headrest

... a back support

... allows to lean comfortably with straight back, sitting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily

... a rocking chair

... the favourite of all children conjured up quickly from 3 cushions, exercise and pure fun

... a bed

... like lying on a cloud, relax and rest in between

... a balance trainer

... perfect and safe training for the foot muscles and balance

Let your CHILD be the CREATOR!

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