Active sitting and relaxation with the Air8 Cushion

The Air8back:up active cushion

will liven up your office hours

Air8 gives the pelvis a soft support from the front and back without forcing it into a stiff position. The back can be straighten up ideally. Thanks to the air filling, the torso constantly has to balance smallest weight shifts. The entire musculature is trained at the same time.

That's active sitting.


Your benefits:

  • better posture

  • less back pain

  • strengthened pelvic floor

  • more concentration

  • better sense of body symmetry

  • increased calorie consumption


You do not need to dispose of your expensive ergonomic office chair now, because

The good news:


whether chair, armchair, stool, sofa edge or windowsill,

Air8back:up fits any surface

Air8 back:up Active Cushion

helps you sit upright without pain

Air8_backup_BlueM_no backgound.png

The Air8 active cushion centers the pelvis and reduces unhealthy pelvic tilt. Accordingly, sitting with an erect spine is much easier.

Already 15 minutes repeated and conscious erection of spine is sufficient for

the training of the deep muscles of the torso.

Postural disorders such as back pain, frozen shoulders, headaches or pelvic problems can be so positively influenced. 

15 Minutes

Heading 1


for more

back health


Most Important

The variety of seating positions is the best prevention

The Air8 cushion can be used to achieve different seating positions. The classic use as a sitting support in saddle form is just one of the options for active sitting. Also, Air8 excellently suits as a lumbar support, namely on both sides, with the air pads facing the users back or the seat-back. Thanks to the righting, expansive air-filling, the torso gets the ideal mixture of relief and muscle activity.

With saddle-pads behind the back, the Air8 cushion supports and activates two important spine sections: the sacrum and the thoracic spine. It feels like uplifting and gently springy, as if the back by itself would grow up. Smallest movements of the body are perceived by the air echo of the cushion as soothing vibrations. The autochthonous muscles are kept active, which improves concentration.

The variant with the flat side behind the back provides more seating comfort without completely "collapsing". The torso can still expand along the cushion side and benefit from the gentle echo of the air filling. The advantage of both positions is that the buttocks further slip to the edge of the chair. So, the thighs are freed from any pressure of the seat. This stimulates the blood circulation and prevents varicose veins and cellulite. 

Other options for use at the office or at home at a glance

Tired or tingling legs? Just lay Air8 on the ground with the round side down. Put on your feet, swing slowly back and forth. The smooth movement activates the natural pumping function of the veins and muscles, as when walking or climbing stairs. 

Foot swing

This improves blood circulation and lymph flow, stretches the Achilles tendon and invigorates the whole body.

Foot stretch

Aching feet? Get out of the shoes, put your feet on the two curves of the cushion. Due to the special shape and the air filling, the soles of the feet immediately get a soothing relief. All foot structures, including longitudinal and transverse arch, joints, muscles and fasciae, are gently stretched and activated. The air-cushion responds with an immediate feedback on the smallest movements of the feet, such as rotations, rockers, toe tapping, rolling, stretches, curls, etc. There are many exercises possible.

Air8 can be used healthily not only during but also after office hours, for example while reading or relaxing at home on the sofa or in the armchair. Normally, the torso collapses on the soft sofa upholstery. Not with Air8. The air support keeps the back straight and still allows a pleasant relaxation.

Sofa cushion


Air8 is ideal as a headrest. Only the back of the head is put on, the cervical spine floats long-stretched, freed from any pressure. The air cushions support the head laterally without rigidly restricting it. By adjusting the air in seconds it is possible to set different heights.

A nap? Just turn Air8 over and use it a s a sleeping pillow. Good for side sleepers, because the shoulder below has enough space and will not be squashed. The lower arm can relax next to the cushion, or be stretched out in through the hollow cushion arch.

Side sleeper cushion

A picnic in the park or family cuddling in the home garden? Air8 is the perfect companion for the outside, because rain, dirt, or UV rays do not bother him. The cushion is washable and durable. Within seconds, the air can be emptied and the cushion stowed. With less than 1400g, it can be easily taken for the trip. 

Outdoor cushion


Available in 2 colors

and 2 sizes

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The Air8back:up is a

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