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Weightless on Air

Air8 cushion

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Seat pad and training tool in one product


Air8 is an air-filled saddle pad, designed for
anatomically optimal fitness training and improvement of posture

The Special

The perfect mixture of a gentle hold

and challenging instability

Filled with air, the cushion yields slightly  - depending on the exercise position. 

So the body has to constantly balance even the smallest movements. This activates the entire  body muscles  and ensures particularly intensive training.

Special exercises for the abdominal and core muscles help to optimize posture and prevent back pain.

The Video

Air8 Cushion for Fitness
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Robust and Filigree

The Air8 cushion is robust und filigree at the same time

Robust, because you can sit on it, stand, bounce, kneel, balance, no problem, it is very hard-wearing

Filigree, because thanks to the air filling your body gets a subtle echo-like feedback to its position and exercise quality, for an ideal training of proprioception.

How You Benefit from the 

  • more muscle stimulation due to the "wobbly" material structure

  • protection and support for the chest, pelvis, spine, knees and joints

  • intensive strengthening of core musculature

  • special exercises for back health to prevent back pain

  • improvement of the sense of balance and body awareness

  • sensitive pelvic floor training

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 Fitness Training

Varied. Efficient. Healthy back.
Posture-conscious full-body-workout
for many specific areas of the body