Set with 2 cushion

Set with 2 cushion

color / size
  • Product information

    soft PVC, skin-friendly, washable, hygienic (no latex)

    inflatable; the amount of air and thus the degree of hardness can be adjusted quickly and at will
    By letting the air out, the pillow can be stowed away quickly and in a space-saving manner or taken with you when traveling

  • Whats in the box?

    1 x Air8 pillow size M

    1 x Air8 pillow size S
    (inflated - ready to use)

    2 x lifter
    2 x pump
    2 x large textile bags
    (suitable for the transport of the inflated pillow)

  • size and weight

    M 42 cm / S 41 cm
    M 26 cm / S 26 cm,
    M 18 cm / S 17 cm
    Seat recess
    M 23-15cm / S 19-10cm
    M 1400g / S 1370g

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