Posture-conscious full-body workout with the Air8 Fitness Cushion


The Air8 fitness cushion

brings variety to your workout


The Air8 cushion is robust and filigree at the same time. Robust, because you can sit on it, stand, bounce, kneel, balance, no problem, no problem, it is very hard-wearing. Filigree, because thanks to the air filling your body gets during the training a subtle echo-like feedback to its position and exercise quality.

That brings you Air8:

  • versatile training for better fitness and posture

  • intense strengthening of the deep abdominal musculature

  • special exercises for the back health

  • improves balance

  • increases body awareness

  • protects and supports the body and joints 

It is not always just about the number of repetitions, increasing the weights or the length of the exercise period. The decisive factor is the quality of the movement.

Air8back:up Fitness Cushion

Air8_backup_BlueM_no backgound.png

for a back-health oriented training

Due to its special shape, the Air8 fitness cushion offers a varied and at the same time back-friendly whole body workout. It ideally supports the pelvis or chest, leaving sufficient space for the spine through its hollow so that it can not be flattened.  



The mix of gentle support and challenging instability

Filled with air, the cushion gives way slightly - depending on the exercise position. So the body has to balance even the smallest movements constantly. This activates the entire body musculature and ensures a particularly intensive training. Special exercises for the abdominal and core muscles help to optimize posture and prevent back pain. In addition, the stable-unstable Air8 cushion enhances body awareness and improves balance.

Uses for training at home or in the gym


The well-known abdominal exercise from fitness and Pilates rethought. The pelvis has space in the hollow of the cushion, the sacrum is supported from the back side, pelvic tilt is minimized.Torso can be easier stretched and held straight. The unstable surface requires extra muscle power and ensures perfect core training. From this position, many exercise variants are possible: f. e. with reised legs, up and down movements of the stretched torso, side rotations of the thorax, etc. 

Sit-ups protected

With the Air8 under the rib cage, sit-ups can be trained back-friendly. The spine has space in the cushion hollow. The back gets active support and wobbly challenge at the same time. There are only minimal abdominal pulses needed, just a few inches, which train the abdominal muscles in their length;  and NEVER those pumping extreme-movements, that cause shortening and long-term damage. 

In exercises with raised legs, the back is often rounded and there is too much and wrong tension in the abdomen. Intervertebral discs can be damaged. With Air8 under the thorax this malposition is minimized. The torso is supported at right places and remains long, while the musculature due to the instability must remain continuously active. This is meant by the term "active support".  

Active support in supine position

Back stretch

After an abdominal workout, stretching does very well. Underlined in the lumbar spine area, Air8 can intensify the stretching, similar to yoga wheels or fitness balls, but much more back-friendly, because the space for the spine remains free.

Air8 under the chest in prone position stretches and strengthens the entire abdominal and trunk muscles. For even more intensive training of the back muscles, the arms can be raised. 

For a firm butt: bend one leg and lift off the ground then push the heel up a few inches and lower repeatedly. Change leg.

Active support in prone position

For exercises with raised legs, the Air8 cushion helps to support and stabilise the pelvis, while increasing the intensity of the exercise. The buttocks balance on the two air cushions, the sacrum has free space in the cushion hollow. From this basic position different exercise variants are possible: e.g. raise and lower legs, stretch and bend, simultaneously or in succession, etc. 

Lower abdominal training

An excellent exercise for pelvic obliquity and for the harmonisation of tense pelvic structures. Placed on the soles of the feet, the Air8, similar to a spirit level, gives a filigree feedback on the position of the feet and pelvic halves. The goal of the exercise is to consciously relax all pelvic structures - muscles, tendons, bones and joints - while the feet balance the cushion. The exercise looks easy but is very challenging. Soon legs can start to shake, a good sign for activating the deep musculature under the big muscle layers. In addition, the abdominal muscles get trained and shortened hamstrings stretched as well.


In side position, the Air8 cushion supports and guides the flanks and enables a long stretched spine. All exercises in lateral position can be trained in this way. Advanced can raise their arms for even more challenge.

Active support in lateral position

In the cross-legged position, various rotations and stretches of the thoracic spine can be performed for a gentle and at the same time intensive back training.


In exercises sitting down with spread legs, the Air8 cushion helps to train the pelvic symmetry to prevent one-sidedness or obliquity. The air cushion enhances the perception of the ischial tuberosities (sitting bones) and thus enables effective pelvic floor training. In addition, the leg muscles and hamstrings are stretched by the higher-seated pelvis. 

The hollow of the air cushion keeps the leg axis stable and protects and supports the respective body part, whether knee, calf, ankle or back of the foot. Kneeling exercises such as inguinal or psoas stretch can be performed easier, injury is prevented.

Support Cushion

The robust cushion can easily carry the weight of an adult. Standing, balancing, or even jumping is possible on the Air8. The unstable surface provides more intensity and trains the sense of balance. Two cushions placed inside each other provide a support for both feet, for example for squats.



Available in 2 colors

and 2 sizes

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