An All-in-One Product with Versatile Features

An All-in-One Product with Versatile Features

What is Air8 Cushion?

Air8 is an air-filled, multi-functional cushion, designed for improvement of sitting posture, anatomically optimal fitness training, yoga and meditation.

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For Whom is Air8?

Air8 Cushion is perfect for people working in offices or having sedentary lifestyles, for fitness training, yoga, meditation, and posture improvement. Available in various sizes for both adults and children, it's the ideal choice for the whole family.​​​

Get more detailed information by clicking on one of the groups below: Air8 for Fitness, Air8 for Office, or Air8 for Kids.​

Air8 for Fitness

Supportive Cushion for Anatomically Optimal Core and Fitness Training, Yoga and Meditation.

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Air8 for Office

The Air-filled Seat Pad for Support and Training of Upright Sitting Posture with and Active Core Musculature

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Air8 for Kids

Fun Cushion for Children - called Kidisit - Deigned to Promote Posture Health in a Playful Way.

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Why is Air8 Special?

The unique combination of the patented shape, wobbly material and adjustable air-filling offers functionalities unlike any other comparable product on the market.

Woman sitting comfortable with Air8 Cushion on Office Chair

It reduces pelvic tilt and facilitates spine alignment due to its patented ergonomic shape.

Woman Using Air8 Cushion for Improved Stability in Fitness Training

It provides protection and support for the back, chest, pelvis, hips, and knees during training.

Woman Enhancing Her Balance while Using Air8 Cushion in Fitness Session

It increases muscle stimulation and improves balance through its "wobbly" material structure.

Woman Using Air8 Cushion for Enhanced Leg Muscle Stimulation and Flexibility

It delivers a massage sensation and promotes blood circulation through the counter-pressure effect.

Woman Using Air8 Cushion for Improved Posture and Pelvic Support

It enhances the sensitivity of the pelvic floor and body awareness thanks to its echo-like feedback.

What Makes The Difference?

Compare Air8 with other products on the market for sitting and for fitness.

Benefits of Using the Air8 Cushion over Traditional Seat Pads for Posture and Back Support

Advantages of Using the Air8 Cushion over Standard Fitness Tools for Core Muscle Training, Stability, and Balance

What Are Your Benefits?

These are just a few examples how you can profit from integrating Air8 Cushion in your daily life

Woman Using Air8 Cushion to Enhance Pelvic Symmetry and Posture


Not only sitting on Air8, but also various special exercises help to improve body symmetry, by mobilizing joints, tendons, and muscles in the lower back and sacrum area, with a focus on enhancing pelvic symmetry to prevent pelvic obliquity.

Fitness enthusiast using Air8 cushion for core training


Exercising on the Air8 requires constant balancing on the air-filled shaky cushion, which activates the entire deep musculature and helps increase calorie consumption.

Pen pointing at fake human pelvis


The balancing micro-movements while sitting on the pliable Air8 will activate and strengthen your pelvic floor musculature, thus helping to prevent pelvic issues like incontinence, hemorrhoids, prostate problems, or sexual insensitivity.

Lady sitting on Air8 cushion in office chair for back pain prevention


Improving and training of your sitting posture with an active core musculature helps prevent or relieve posture-related problems such as back pain, frozen shoulders, stiff neck, headaches, etc.

How to Use The Air8 Cushion

Learn how to inflate and deflate the Air8 Cushion, as well as the recommended air content for various uses such as sitting, back support, fitness exercises, meditation, relaxation, and more.

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How to Use The Air8 Cushion

Learn how to inflate and deflate the Air8 Cushion, as well as the recommended air content for various uses such as sitting, back support, fitness exercises, meditation, relaxation, and more.

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