Air8 for Office
The special seat pad to improve and train good posture

How Air8 Can Be Used in the Office

Not Just in the Office...

As a seat pad that fits on any chair or surface, Air8 can be integrated into many areas of your daily life, from studying and home office to leisure time and relaxation.

Person sitting on a chair on an Air8 in the living room

For Home Use

Woman listening to music while using Air8 as a comfortable headrest

For Relaxation

Boy studying while sitting on an Air8

For Studying

Benefits of Air8 Cushion for Active Sitting 

Woman sitting on an Air8 Cushion on an office chair

Straight leg axis, no harmful leg crossing, centered pelvis, better sense of balance and body symmetry

Person sitting on a stool with the Air8

Stronger pelvic floor musculature due to balancing micro-movements of the pelvis on the pliable cushion

Woman sitting on Air8 with relaxed hip joints in the office

Relaxed hip joints, no pressure on the underside of the legs, better blood and lymph circulation

Lady sitting on an Air8 Cushion in an office chair with a straight back

Better Posture, stronger core, less back pain, increased calorie consumption, more concentration

Sitting Positions With Air8 Cushion

With Air8 you can enhance your current office chair during sitting. The alternation of sitting positions is the best prevention of back pain.

Office attendant sitting on the Air8 in the classic position

Classic Position

Centers the pelvis, facilitates spine alignment, activates the core musculature while also engaging the pelvic floor.

Office attendant using the Air8 as a backrest in the lumbar position

Lumbar Position

Supports the lower back, promoting an erect spine while preserving spinal space and flexibility and ensuring comfortable seating.

Office attendant using the Air8 as a backrest in the vertical round position

Vertical Round Position

Supports and activates two important parts of the spine - the sacrum and the thoracic spine - providing a gentle springy and elongating sensation in the entire back.

Office attendant using the Air8 as a backrest in the vertical flat position

Vertical Flat Position

Provides comfortable, yet supportive, back alignment, offering a pleasant proprioceptive sensation for the entire back area.

Office attendant squatting on the Air8 while sitting in the office

Squat Position

Enables a distinct seating posture with legs bent or crossed, positively impacting lower back health and enhancing hip mobility.

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Office Exercises

Back-friendly. Invigorating. Concentration-enhancing. Posture-conscious exercises at the office desk.

Office attendant doing 20 different office exercises with the Air8

Explore Office Exercises

An Air8 cushion in green color
An Air8 cushion in blue color
An Air8 cushion in black color