Judit Schmidt,

Founder and Developer of The Air8 Cushion

Judit Schmidt, the founder of Air8

My Story

In the late nineties, while studying in Germany, I worked as a fitness trainer and model, leading classes in aerobics, step aerobics, strength training, and weight toning.

Later, I became a teacher of the Cantienica® Method, a Swiss movement concept for body shaping, posture improvement, and body awareness.

Judit Schmidt helping to improve a boy's posture

The profundity of this method provided me with the foundation to comprehend and appreciate the intricate connections between muscles, tendons, joints, and bone alignment in the human body, aspects which were lacking in previous fitness methodologies. 

I learned the importance of pelvic and spine alignment and their anatomical correlations, along with the crucial role of the pelvic floor in overall well-being.

For over 15 years, working with my clients, I've witnessed the transformative impact of posture adjustment and core training in alleviating discomfort, including back pain, pelvic issues such as incontinence or hemorrhoids, body asymmetries, and similar problems.

Judit Schmidt improving her client's posture using the Cantienica method
Judit Schmidt holding a skeletal spine model to show the importance of good posture

With this experience, I invented the Air8 Cushion to provide people with a physical tool that helps them achieve better posture and strengthen their core musculature. A cushion, that also serves as a reminder to maintain proper alignment, whether sitting at a computer, lying on a mat, or even while relaxing. My goal was to combine gentle support with muscle activation through the interaction between air filling and the cushion's special shape. 

Person sitting on Judit's Air8 Cushion with an upright back

This combination of support and balancing muscle work is, in my opinion, a crucial benefit of the Air8 Cushion, distinguishing it from numerous ergonomic products on the market. While other products may offer passive support, they often lack the requirement for muscular engagement, which is essential for long-term benefits. In other words, achieving pain-free well-being only 'works' with a little 'work': actively assisting the body on the way to its core strength and alignment.

The Story of Air8 Cushion

From the Product Idea to the Patent


The Idea Was Born

This is the first sketch of the Air8 Cushion drawn by Judit Schmidt, the founder, that shows the original idea of its use as a seat pad for chairs.

The first sketch of the Air8 Cushion


The First 3D Drawings

The idea is getting in shape but still needs a lot of improvement.

The first 3D drawings of the Air8 Cushion

3D drawing of Air8 with annotations


Developing the Prototype

Working on many molds and samples to perfectly match the anatomy of the human pelvis.

skeletal pelvis model sitting on the Air8 Cushion with annotations

A skeletal pelvis model on the Air8 Cushion


Coming Up with a Name & Logo

Why is this cushion actually called Air8? The word "Air" stands for the air filling that plays a curtail role in the functionality of this product. The digit "8" resembles the special shape of the cushion from top and bottom view, and additionally symbolizes its symmetry, which also is a very important feature of the Air8 Cushion.

Drawing of the Air8 Cushion prototype from the top view

The epithet "back:up" in the cushion refers to the idea to to sit with your back upright, the main goal of this product.

Closeup of a green Air8 Cushion

The Patent Process Starts

The technical and functional description of the invention for the patent application was created and the patents for China, Hong Kong and the USA were filed.

Filed patent of the Air8 Cushion


Hong Kong Patent Granted

In October 2018 and July 2019, respectively, the patents for function and design were granted in Hong Kong under the numbers HK1248055 and Rg.N.1801354.0.

The granted Air8 Cushion patent under the number HK1248055 for Hong Kong

The granted Air8 Cushion patent under the number Rg.N.1801354.0 for Hong Kong

China Patent Granted

The patents for China followed in January and August 2019, under the numbers CN304995992S and CN209219658U.

The granted Air8 Cushion patent under the number CN304995992S for China

The granted Air8 Cushion patent under the number CN209219658U for China


Reduced Activity During Covid

Since offices, fitness and healthcare institutions were all shut down during the pandemic, we were forced to reduce our activity just like most startups and companies. Nevertheless, it didn't change our enthusiasm to develop over 100 exercise videos with the Air8 Cushion.

Blonde fitness trainer girl doing 20 different exercises on the Air8 Cushion

US Patent Granted

One of our biggest milestones has been reached - The United States patent has been granted under the number US 11,406,193,B2.

The Air8 Cushion US patent cover

US Patent for Air8 content under the number US 11,406,193,B2

First Cooperations With Fitness Studios After Covid

Started expanding and reaching out to fitness studios and other cooperation partners.

A fitness studio full of green Air8 Cushions on green fitness mats


Continuing to Grow The Air8 Network

We are excited to continue our journey and thank you so much for being a part of it and reading this article. Looking forward to welcome you in our Air8 community.

Fitness enthusiasts in a fitness studio holding Air8 Cushions for a better fitness experience

An Air8 cushion in green color
An Air8 cushion in blue color
An Air8 cushion in black color