Air8 for Fitness
The unique core, stability and balance trainer

How Air8 Can Be Used in Fitness

Exercise Anywhere...

Woman doing leg exercises on green mat at home with the Air8

At Home

Turn your home into your personal gym with Air8, and experience the convenience and effectiveness of compact home workouts.

Lady in the park doing a core workout with an Air8 Cushion


Whether in the park, at the beach, or in public workout areas, integrate Air8 for intense whole-body workouts or moments of meditation and relaxation.

Woman training abs with Air8 in the gym

At The Gym

Air8 will add variety to your gym routine and help you improve and push your fitness goals.

The Benefits of Air8 in Fitness 

Person doing fitness in the studio with a green Air8

More muscle stimulation due to the "wobbly" material

Woman kneeling on a blue Air8 during stability training in a fitness studio

Improved sense of balance and proprioception

Person training abs and core on Air8 Cushion in a gym

Better core strength and stability to prevent back pain

Lady in chest position in green Air8 Cushion during back exercise on a yoga mat

Protection and support for the chest, pelvis, spine, knee, and joints

Body Positions With Air8 Cushion

Discover versatile body positions with Air8, from stabilizing the pelvis and supporting the chest or hips, to enhancing core engagement and mobility, and optimize your workout in a posture-friendly way.

Blonde girl in back position on a green Air8 doing abdominal exercises

Back Position

Supports the rib cage and protects the spine during abdominal training.

Fitness girl sitting on a green Air8 cushion in base position during core training

Base Position

Supports the lower end of the pelvis and the sacrum, facilitating spine alignment and core activation.

Fitness model lying in chest position on a green Air8 Cushion

Chest Position

Supports the chest in prone position exercises and lengthens the psoas — an important muscle in your core.

Young woman in side position on an Air8 Cushion during fitness training

Side Position

Supports the waist or hips in side position exercises and relieves pressure on the hip joint.

Lady in pelvic position on green Air8 Cushion training glutes on a yoga mat

Pelvic Position

Supports the pelvis, stretches the groin area, and mobilizes pelvic halves.

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Fitness Exercises

Varied. Efficient. Healthy back. Posture-conscious full-body workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Blonde fitness woman doing 20 different fitness exercises with the Air8

Explore Fitness Exercises

Air8 for Fitness Studios

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