Some FACTS first:

Fact 1:

We sit on average 8 HOURS a day

Fact 2

Most people sit with a  TILTED PELVIS 

Fact 3: 

Long sitting with a tilted pelvis causes  PAIN






why is it

harmful to the body health?

Drawing of pelvic tilt.png

Simply put, a tilted pelvis means the anatomically incorrect alignment of the pelvis. It can be tilted forward or backward, both are a very common case during long sitting.  


Both, front and back tilted pelvis, have negative impact on the whole spine. 

As a result, structures around the spine shorten and tense, which in turn affects the entire skeletal system, including muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, fasciae, nerves, etc.


Over time, these shortened and tense structures cause pain and postural health complaints, such as:

  • back pain

  • frozen shoulders

  • headache

  • pelvic obliquity

  • foot deformities

  • numbness in legs and arms

  • joint degeneration

  • circulatory problems

  • pelvic floor weakness, etc. 

Sitting with an upright pelvis can be CRUTIAL for the body health.


Or, in other words, and this is

Fact 4:

green COMPARE back-tilted, front-tilted

front tilted pelvis

back tilted pelvis

centred pelvis on the Air8 cushion

 Health benefits

of Air8back:up

Air8_backup_BlueM_no backgound.png

Air8back:up can help to reduce pelvic tilt and support sitting with the pelvis upright 

With this special cushion, ones back can not lean against a back rest and sink in while sitting. The torso has to be straightened again and again, which is obviously much easier with the cushion than without.

Air8back:up stops the unhealthy leg cross and supports a straight leg axix

The rounded segments of the cushion support a straight and relaxed leg axis and thus prevent the development of orthopaedic problems such as bow-legs or knock-knees. 

Illustration of wrong and correct seating positions

nr9_all postion on one picture-02-01_edi


leg axis


leg axis

nr9_all postion on one picture-02-01_edi

straight leg axis

on the Air8 cushion

Illustration of bow- legs (O-form), knock-knees (X-form) and straight leg axis



straight leg axis

Air8back:up strengthens the pelvic floor and prevents postural pelvic problems

Active sitting on Air8 can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Since the air-filled cushion does not form a firm base, the balance must be unconsciously constantly adjusted. 

These balancing micro-movements of the bony pelvis activate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. A strong pelvic floor can relieve health problems, such as 

  • bladder weakness,

  • prostate problems,

  • loss of sexual sensitivity,

  • haemorrhoids, or

  • incontinence.

nr14_Anatomy_01-01 .jpg

Illustration of the pelvic floor muscles


Available in 2 colors

and 2 sizes