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You can see here in the video how the Air8 cushion can support you in
full-body training.


Selection of exercises with Air8

Individual exercises

Quality before quantity. Precise instructions with supporting motion graphics in all exercises. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Chest Rotation on Air8

The Air8 pillow centers the pelvis while you gently rotate your chest. This is the perfect stretch for the autochthonous muscles around the spine as well as for the abdomen, back and shoulders.

Kneeling Worrior on Air8

The Air8 pillow protects and supports the knee and facilitates the kneeling position. At the same time, the body has to constantly re-establish its balance on the stable, unstable air cushion. This activates the deep muscles of the whole body and trains the feeling for stability.

Plank on Air8

The well-known full-body exercise is even more effective on the "wobbly" Air8 air cushion, because the balance has to be balanced again and again. At the same time, the often painful pressure on feet and ankles, as is the case without a pillow, is eliminated.

Heel Pushing on Air8

During this exercise, the Air8 cushion gently supports your sacrum and pelvis, so that you can concentrate fully on the full extension of your spine and abdominal wall. At the same time, the "wobbly" air cushion intensifies the muscle activity during the exercise, as the body has to constantly balance.

Abdominal Pules with Air8 Kneeling

In this exercise, the Air8 pillow helps to feel and activate the deep muscles of the torso, as well as to facilitate the straightening of the spine. The air filling gives the body an echo-like feedback, which makes it easier to perceive. The backward incline not only trains the core and abdominal muscles, but also thighs, groins and hip flexors.

Air8 Pulses Bend Forward Sitting

This exercise stretches the whole body and trains the trunk, shoulder and arm muscles. This happens through the small, almost invisible, but definitely noticeable pulse-like movements of the arms, as the air cushion is gently pressed together repeatedly. It looks easy, but it can be really challenging. Definitely try it out.

Crunches with Legs Raised

A very intense exercise for the abdominal muscles. The Air8 pillow supports the chest and protects the spine. At the same time, the stable, unstable air cushion provides additional muscle stimulation during training, because the balance has to be rebalanced again and again, which requires an always active deep muscles. The raised legs reinforce this effect and are trained at the same time.

Back Diagonals on Air8

On the Air8 pillow, this well-known full-body exercise has a much more intense and effective quality, because the body has to constantly restore stability with the smallest movements. In this way, 100% of the muscles are activated and trained. At the same time, the otherwise uncomfortable pressure on the knee is eliminated, because the air cushion provides support and protection and prevents injuries.

Back Crunches on Air8

The Air8 pillow supports the chest during back training and brings the torso into a basic stretch. In addition, the air-filled "wobbly" structure ensures maximum stimulation of the core muscles with an increased training effect. This exercise trains and stretches the autochthonous muscles as well as the abdominal muscles, psoas, hips and groins. It helps prevent or alleviate back pain.

Diagonal Arm Lift on Air8

A very effective exercise for the back, shoulders and abdominal muscles. The air cushion forms a stable, unstable base and thus ensures that the core muscles are always active. The one-sided, alternating raising of the arms connects and trains all diagonal structures in the upper body, which are also involved in the cloister and have a positive effect on the work of the two hemispheres of the brain. The hip flexors, groins and thighs are also stretched.

Side Lift on Air8

The Air8 pillow supports and stabilizes the trunk, making it easier to stretch the spine. At the same time, the "wobbly" base provides a lot more muscle stimulation and thus a very effective training of the lateral torso muscles and the entire body. Prevents many posture-related complaints.

Abdominal Twist on Air8

This exercise strengthens the core muscles and trains the coordination between the diagonal structures of the upper body. The rotations of the rib cage invigorate the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm and are very helpful for back pain.

Leaning in Cross-legged Position

Sitting cross-legged on Air8 is much easier than without a pillow. The pressure and pain in the joints, such as ankles or knees, is minimized. The Air8 centers and stabilizes the pelvis, making it easier to straighten the spine and activate the deep muscles of the torso. The perception of posture and the pelvic floor is enhanced by the subtle feedback from the air cushion.

Core Power with Leg Raise

This is a very effective whole-body exercise, because balancing on the "wobbly" air cushion during the "running movement" requires constantly active muscles not only in the abdomen and back, but also in the legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders and pelvic floor. At the same time, the Air8 pillow provides support for the pelvis and supports the sacrum in a gentle way so that the spine can stretch optimally in length.

ABS Swing on Air8

A gentle yet very effective exercise to train your core muscles and improve your posture. The Air8 pillow provides the perfect mix of two functions: support and challenge. The special shape of the air cushion serves to protect and support the sacrum and the two halves of the pelvis in the required position. The upper body can straighten up along the central axis. The spine can expand to its maximum length.

Air8 Gentle Crunches

This is a gentle and at the same time very effective workout for your core muscles. The Air8 pillow supports your chest while the spine has room in the recess of the pillow and is not flattened. In this position you can activate 100% of your core and abdominal muscles without damaging your spine or even experiencing back pain, which is common with “normal” crunches on the mat.

Iyengar Class

more variety
during training

Air8 Exercise combinations

main focus

ABS & Back & Core Power

main focus

Stability Training


get your Air8 cushion

- durable and elastic soft PVC material

- inflatable and easy to fold

- in green, blue and black colours

- available in Small and Medium size

- dimensions  42x26x18 cm
- suitable for all ages and levels of training

What's included: 
Air8 cushion, air-pump, replacement plug
and the Air8 carry bag

unit price EUR 49,90

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