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Sitting on the floor in yoga

Sitting on the floor with your legs bent is one of the most important positions in yoga, and the basis for


  • Pranayama (breathing exercises),

  • Mantra-singing, 

  • relaxation, or

  • meditation.

Ideally, the sitting posture with the torso erected should be held for several minutes. There are several seat variants, for example Padmasana (lotus position),

Muktasana (feet free in front of each other), Vajrasana (sitting on heels) or Sukhasana (sitting cross-legged).


sitting problems?

However, many people find it difficult to sit on the floor because it can cause pain or even injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

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helps to sit upright without pain



The Air8 cushion centers the pelvis in the cross-legged position and provides a gentle hold from the front and back without forcing the pelvis into a stiff position. The spine can be stretched more easily and the stretch can be held longer. In this way, the Chakras can unfold one above the other along the vertical central axis.


The pelvis is slightly elevated on the Air8, which reduces the painful pressure on the hips, knees and ankles.

Kundalini Namaste

The Outstanding

Filled with air, the balloon-like Air8-cushion always tends to return to its original shape and at the same time works like an echo transmitter for the body, which absorbs and amplifies the body's vibrations. The result is a springy, floating feeling of being seated. The perception of the pelvic floor is much more delicate and intense on the Air8 cushion.

Due to the special nature of Air8 cushion, absolute body symmetry is supported. While other tools used in yoga - such as foam pillows or cherry stone pillows - passively adapt to the pelvic posture and thus promote possible pelvic inclination and the associated orthopedic problems, the Air8 cushion gives immediate feedback on pelvic posture and optimizes the perception of body symmetry along the central axis. The body is forced in a gentle way to maintain balance. This turns sitting on the floor unnoticed into a full-body workout, a kind of "relaxed tension" and "tense relaxation" at the same time.

The Air8-cushion enables
floor seats in many variations


The classic use as a floor cushion in the shape of a saddle. Ideal for sitting cross-legged, the gentle basic position for breathing exercises and meditation. The pelvic shell has space in the hollow of the pillow, the ischial tuberosities balance on the air cushion.


cushion stool


Raised seat made of two cushions placed one inside the other with a straight seat surface, suitable as a seat variant for people with reduced mobility. Here, too, the air filling supports the body's vibrations and gives great feedback.


arched cushion


The Air8 cushion can also be used in an upside-down - arch-like - position, for example as a narrow pad when sitting on the heel. By adjusting the amount of air, different degrees of hardness can be achieved.


wedge cushion


In a combination of two cushions, the upper Air8 can be positioned at an angle, so that a kind of wedge cushion is created, suitable for the lotus position and all sitting postures when the sacrum needs more straightening.

saddle cushion

Overview of seating options

Cross legged  ( Sukhasana)

With feet in front of the body, crossed at knee level. The pelvis is centered in the hollow of the pillow, the ischial tuberosities are balanced on the airy surface. The torso floats, the spine can straighten up. Knees and ankles are relieved. This is a very gentle seat variant.

Supported cross-legged

If there is pressure or pain in the hips, knees or ankles, additional pillows can be used to support the legs and provide relief. Here, the Air8 cushions can be underlaid on both sides, i.e. on the saddle or arch sides, depending on whether z. B. the knee joints, the lower legs or the thighs need relaxation. By adjusting the amount of air, different levels of support can be achieved.

Raised cross legged position

ideal for people with orthopedic problems, such as hip osteoarthritis, for whom a deep seat is difficult. Two Air8 cushion placed one inside the other form an air stool. The pelvis can float in an elevated position, the body can enjoy meditation and pranayama happily and painlessly. If necessary, the legs can be supported with additional cushion for further relief.

... if the seat height should be increased even more, there are other variants:


 Saddle stool
from 3 cushions


Double stool 
4 cushions

Heel seat (Vajrasana) - Saddle variant

on saddle cushion. Knees slightly open to the side, heels under the buttocks. Pelvis centered, chest above the pelvis. Spine erect. Chin at right angles to the torso. Shoulders relaxed.


Heel seat - arched cushion

on arched cushions, i.e. Air8 turned upside down. Knees point forward, back of feet under the pillow arch. The pelvis is higher than the saddle variant, everything else is the same. Well suited for yoga beginners and men. Corresponds to a classic yoga bolster or yoga roll, but thanks to the air filling it allows much more feeling for the body, especially the pelvic floor.

a very comfortable and gentle heel seat variant for people with problems in the ankle joints or instep. The feet rest in the hollow of the lower cushion, gently supported and relieved of any pressure. The upper Air8 is placed upside down, i.e. air cushion on air cushion, on the lower one. The bottom floats relaxed on the straight seat of the upper cushion, the back can be optimally straightened up.

The amount of air in both cushions can be adjusted in a matter of seconds for the optimal sitting feeling.

Heel seat on double cushions

Liberation Pose

can be taken very well on two Air8s in a wedge shape. The pelvis is positioned higher than the knees. The tips of the seat humps balance on the air cushion. The feet are not crossed, but lie in front of the body heel to heel in front of each other. The hips and thighs are easier to relax.

Half lotus position (Ardha Padmasana)

can also be practiced on two Air8s in a wedge shape. The raised pelvis is gently supported from behind and below. The legs can relax from the hips, knees close to the floor. One foot rests under the thigh and the other on the thigh. Hence the name "half lotus position". This sitting posture is only recommended for advanced yogis without orthopedic complaints. It is important to regularly change the leg posture in order to prevent one-sidedness and thus a pelvic tilt.


Lotus position (Padmasana)


Although considered the premier class of yoga postures, it is also very demanding and can cause serious orthopedic complaints and injuries. This position is not recommended for beginners. If you still want to practice it independently, two Air8s in a wedge shape can form the basis for the elevated pelvis. Both feet are on the thighs, knees close to the floor. As with the half lotus, the regular alternation of the leg posture is also important here in order to maintain body symmetry.

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